Hos 1:1-11

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Hos. 1:1-11
Good morning and praise the Lord dearly loved ones in Christ. We've arrived at another Advent season which causes us to reflect on why we celebrate the birth of our Lord. There are many reasons (as we'll find in subsequent posts) found throughout Scripture. 
The prophet Hosea leads us off by providing a particularly relevant and precious reason. We do so because the message of the gospel grounded the virgin birth, sinless life, sacrificial death and powerful resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled God's promise to take a people for Himself from people of all ethnic groups. 
In so doing the living God has shown His great mercy on us. Rather than treating us fairly and giving us what we deserve, God out of His mercy gave what we deserved (that is punishment for our sin) to His Son so that He could now show the mercy that leads to forgiveness which results in the blessed truth that we are His people now and forever! 
We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ because the celebration of His birth is a celebration of God's rich, deep and precious mercy to those He now calls 'Children of the living God'. 

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