Presbyterian Same Sex-Marriage

06.26.14 | News

    Presbyterian Same Sex-Marriage

    June 2014



    Greetings SOPC Family in the name of our Lord.


    I want to give you a quick update on our denomination and clear up any possible confusion between us and another Presbyterian denomination concerning our General Assemblies. To give a quick overview Presbyterians like many other Protestants hold a yearly gathering to discuss issues concerning our church and to address other pertinent issues within our society.


    Our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (pcanet.org) held our General Assembly last week in Houston TX. By God’s providence another and larger Presbyterian denomination, the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (pcusa.org) held theirs during the same week in Detroit MI. It was this denomination (see https://www.pcusa.org/news/2014/6/19/assembly-approves-allowing-pastors-perform-same-ge/ for info on this action) that approved allowing their pastors to perform same-sex marriages in states where it is now legal to do so. In passing this action the PCUSA lifted the ban on pastors marrying same gender couples in those states.


    Unfortunately, it appears that some of the major news outlets reported this story with a headline that read “Presbyterians Vote to Allow Same-Sex Marriages’ even though they noted that it was the PCUSA within the body of the story. Since many among the general public would not necessarily know the difference between our two churches it could be assumed from the headline that this action covered all Presbyterian churches. But that is not the case as our denomination (PCA) did not pass that action, nor was it even considered at our gathering. In fact, the only action we addressed and passed regarding same-sex marriage was to express support and prayer for those Christian men and women in private businesses facing fines, penalties, and ostracism for declining out of religious conviction to provide their services for same-sex marriage ceremonies. This is in keeping with resolutions we’ve passed in previous General Assemblies to affirm our biblical conviction that God ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman.


    In closing let me remind you that the PCA affirms fully the inerrancy and infallibility of Holy Scripture as God’s own word and thus the final authority in all matters concerning faith, life, truth and godliness. If you’d like to read more about our convictions please check out the following link http://www.pcaac.org/what-we-believe/. Also please feel fee to give me a call or drop me an email with any other questions you have.




    Pastor Lance