Psalm 23

Posted by Pastor Lance Lewis on

Psalm 23
Good morning and praise the Lord dearly loved ones in Christ. We're proceeding with our theme of celebrating the birth of our Lord with selected passages of Scripture that speak of His ministry to us even though they aren't specifically about His birth. One such passage is Psalm 23 which teaches and affirms how He cares for and shepherds us from this life to the life to come. 
So then why do we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ? We do so because the Lord is our shepherd. He takes personal responsibility to care for, guide, protect, provide, comfort and bless us. His presence is with us through the times of our deepest pain and in Him we experience complete victory over all that would hurt and harm us. The Lord is our shepherd showering us with His goodness and tender mercy each and every day of our lives and who makes a safe, secure and glorious place for us in His presence forever.